Neff N50 60cm Built-in Single Oven | B2ACH7HH0B



There are many ways to prepare your meals, even in the oven. With detachable rails, you can place them right where you need them to be. So whether you’re grilling satay for your friends, making Quiche Lorraine for that Sunday brunch or preparing pizza for movie night top, middle or bottom Cliprails can be used on all levels. And the rails extend far out, so you can check your dishes without getting too much heat.

LED/ LCD-Display

Simple, straightforward. That’s LED/LCD Oven Display, with large characters for clear reading. You can see from afar if your lasagne is bubbling at the right temperature, or check how much time has passed. And with knobs or touch buttons, it’s easy to access all the oven’s functions.

Cooks Your Meals Evenly On Up To Three Levels.

Want to bake three racks of delicious cookies at once? Now you can with CircoTherm. The high-speed airflow moves heat evenly throughout the oven. You can also bake a sumptuous roast and your favourite fruit crumble simultaneously. CircoTherm bakes every dish with care, so you can spend more time hosting your soiree or planning your next feast.

Smart Ovens For Smart Cooks

Transform your cooking. NEFF connected ovens give you access to a whole world of recipes and cooking tips – including all the settings you need to bake and roast creative dishes that impress your guests. Switch on your oven on the way home or control it with your voice, and keep your hands free to slice and dice in the kitchen.

Home Connect

Because life is about savouring the moment. With Home Connect you can relish the freedom of interacting with your smart home appliances from wherever you are. Make use of Home Connect’s extensive partner network and get inspired by your wifi-enabled appliances. Have them support you in your creative process, so you can spend precious time with friends and family. Live an inspired life, because every moment counts.

Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning with EasyClean

After the Sunday roast comes the cleaning. Unless you have Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning. Scrubbing the oven becomes a thing of the past. Turn on the function and let it transform all the spatterings and drippings into ash. When the oven has cooled, wipe off the rest and presto, your oven is spick and span again. Easy Clean comes in handy as a quick way to clean your oven interior in between. Just some water and a drop of liquid detergent, activate the Easy Clean programme and wipe off the softened food residue afterwards.


CircoTherm, you can bake your casserole, Cajun chicken, and more all at the same time. The high-speed targeted airflow ensures that your dishes stay juicy and flavours remain distinct. For a fast and easy family feast.

Product Features:

  • Rapid heat
  • Cooling fan
  • Stop function
  • Pyrolytic cleaning
  • Full glass inner door
  • Residual heat indicator
  • Interior halogen light, on/off button
  • Total connected load electric: 2.99KW
  • CircoTherm – Smart hot-air solution that lets you bake on up to three levels at once
  • LCD-Display – simple, straightforward with large characters for clear reading
  • Cliprails – Place dishes exactly where you want them in your oven
  • Length electrical supply cord: 150 cm
  • Bar handle
  • 4 shelf positions
  • Home Connect Features: iService Remote, Remote Monitoring and Control
  • Pull-out system: Flexible clip rails – for easy access to your dishes on any level
  • Door hinge: Bottom, damped
  • EasyClean
  • HomeConnect ready on WLAN

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