Samsung Freestanding Fridge Freezer | RL4363SBASL/EU


Keep it cool

Keep your groceries fresh for long with the Samsung RL4363SBASL/EU 70/30 Fridge Freezer. All Around Cooling feature moves the air around and keeps the temperature constant throughout the fridge. And the Digital Inverter Compressor recognizes just how much cooling is needed and changes the fridge’s power and running speed accordingly. This means there’s always perfect temperature, plus you’ll get much less of a running noise.

Water and ice dispenser

Help yourself to chilled water whenever you like. The RL4363SBASL/EU has a water dispenser that doesn’t need plumbing, as it includes a 4 litre water tank. And when you need go grab some ice for your drink, you can use the easy-to-handle ice maker.

No frost

Total No Frost system maintains a constant temperature in every corner of your refrigerator, keeping perishable food fresh and eliminating frost and the ice build-up.

Flexible storage

Organising your food with the RL4363SBASL/EU is a breezeAll 4 shelves can be easily removed, folded up, raised and lowered to create the best fit for all your groceries.


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