Philips/ Electrolux Genuiene S-Bag Vacuum Bag | DST9002560572

SKU : DST9002560572

*** INFORMATION ***: 1500 1750 1800 1800 2253 2254 2271 2272 4500 4559 4595 6200 6290 AAM6100 AAM6199 AEC7570 AEC7572 AEG AIRMAX AMX7010 AMX7035 AOS9399 ARTIC AUS4030 AUS4040 AVC1110 AVC1190 AVC1220 AVC1230 AVQ2100 AVQ2141 BOLIDO CA6200 CA6230 CALYPSO CANISTER CITYLINE CLEANER CYLINDER DUST E201B ERGOSPACE ESSENSIO EXCELLIO EXPRESSION EXPRESSION FC7079 FC8380 FC8380 FC8399 FC8399 FC8400 FC8499 FC8600 FC8649 FC9000 FC9

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