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Are you seeking for a much easier cleaning way more than a robot? S8+ is the best choice with the auto dust collector! 2.5L airbag frees your hand for almost a month and avoid any air pollution. 19KPa collector suction power and Latest 5th generation of LDS technology, 30 sets of sensors and 4000Pa super suction motor, 5200mAh super long battery life to run for 150min and cover 250m 2 …These numbers show you how strong S8+ is. Meanwhile, auto -charge makes it easy for your next time use, E -controlled water tank makes the mopping smarter, and Smart App & Voice control makes the control more convenient.

Auto Collector

2.5L airbag inside frees your hand for almost a month and avoid any air pollution. 19KPa collector suction power makes each cleaning cleaner than you expect!

Vibration mopping

Imitating manual wiping by latest technology, 2 separate mopping parts working in vibration brings cleaner result, E-controlled water tank help you control the water flow in different rooms and avoid seepage

4000Pa BLDC motor

Super BLDC motor brings excellent cleaning experience, with 4 levels to choose

Washable dustbin

Simple enough maintenance, you could just wash the dustbin and wipe it dry

5200mAh big battery

Long battery life for 150min and covering 250 metre squared

Carpet detection

Maximum the suction power when running on carpet, back to normal after leaving carpet.

Different cleaning mode

Selective room or area cleaning, one by one cleaning, deep cleaning, zigzag cleaning, fitting all your cleaning needs

5th Generation of LDS

Laser navigation results high precision mapping in cm-level, breakpoint cleaning support, advanced map function support

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