Remington R7 Ultimate Series Rotary Shaver | XR1530

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Remington XR1530 R7 Ultimate Series Rotary Shaver

Enjoy the LiftLogic Blades that give you a closer cutting performance*. Helping you achieve a smoother shave, the first blade lifts and pulls the hair taut before the second blade comes across and cuts the hair closer to the hair follicle. Keeping your skin protected whilst you shave, the Ultimate Rotary Series R7 also has an Antimicrobial defence system. Being kind to your contours, the Ultimate Rotary Series R7 has Multidirectional shave heads that adapt to the angles of your face. Flexing around your jawline, cheek bones and neck, you can achieve maximum contact and comfort around every contour. The long-life Lithium battery gives you an impressive 50 minutes run time – perfect for achieving multiple shaves. And the 3 stage LED charging indicator lets you see just how much charge you have left so you never run out mid-shave. Shaving has never been easier with the Ultimate Rotary Series R7 that is 100% waterproof – ideal for using with shaving gels and foams, or to take with you into the shower. And, you can wash your shaver between uses for maximum cleanliness and hygiene. * v’s the Remington predecessor model

Key Features:

Liftlogic blades pull your facial hair taut before cutting closer to the hair follicle
Multi-directional shave heads adapt to the angles of your face
Lithium powered with up to 50 minutes run time from a 4 hours charge
Other features include; a pop-up detail trimmer, charge stand and storage case
100% waterproof and 2 years guarantee

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