DeLonghi IdealFry Low Oil Multi Fry Cooker | FH2133

SKU : FH2133
  • Rapid SHS Double Technology – delivers exceptional performance by surrounding the food with heat to cook it evenly. The Technology works thanks to 2 key elements: upper heating element with fan and lower heating element, providing radiant and convection heat for a perfect cooking process
  • Recipe Book app – The recipe book app available for iOS and Android devices allows to discover all our recipes directly on your smartphone or table
  • Fry for up to 6 people with this high capacity hot-air fryer
  • Ultralight – Lightweight pan for easy shaking the food thanks to automatic compass opening mechanism
  • Low-oil frying – The innovative hot-air fryer allows to prepare great tasting fried food with 80% less fat compared to fresh fries prepared with De’Longhi deep fryers
  • Adjustable thermostat with 4 different levels of power control allows you to set the right temperature for each recipe thus ensuring excellent cooking results
  • Easy cleaning – Lid and pan are all removable for easy cleaning
  • Viewing window – The completely transparent lid allows you to check the food during cooking
  • Adjustable timer – A mechanical adjustable timer allows to control the cooking process and set the right cooking time
  • Great tasting fried food with -80% less fat (compared to fresh fries prepared with a traditional De’Longhi deep fryer)
  • Food is crispy outside and tasty inside thanks to the excellent cooking performance of the Rapid SHS Double technology
  • Fulfil your snack preparation experience and discover the wide range of 200 available recipes with our Recipe Book app
  • Have your snacks ready up to 20% faster (In comparison to frozen fries prepared with a De’Longhi FH1 series hot-air fryer)


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